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sisorsat - Dust
sisorsat - Clockwork

Father by day – music producer by night

It all started in the late 90s with the purchase of an Amiga 500 and the program SoundTracker. The first attempts to make music with only 4 tracks inspired me directly. I think it was the Scottish national anthem which I can call my first self-made track. The foundation stone for my “musical career” was laid.

In the course of time the technology developed further and further, the Playstation came on the market and the innovative game “Music 2000” gave me sleepless nights. I was newly infected with the matter of music production on a completely new level. The possibility to sample from CDs let me create the craziest tracks.

It should follow a very long time in which I only consumed music… but not produced. For the time being, the focus was on life with all its challenges.

I found my way back to production after the birth of my second child. In 2016 it became quite easy to produce music by yourself. Professional audio workstations were available in abundance and YouTube already provided very good tutorials. The first choice was FL Studio. In more than 200 tracks I learned step by step what it means to produce an almost professional track.

In 2020 Ableton Live Suite became my great love. Another 200 songs later, I ventured into the World Wide Web in September 2021.

Sisorsat was born.

Kraftwerk, M|A|R|R|S or Felix led me to what I am today.
Music lover and producer of electronic music.

And for that I am grateful.